About us

OUr core values

ML Tech is a FinTech startup building the next-generation trading platform within the crypto asset space. Our vision is to combine colocated trading infra speeds with cloud intelligence into a single “package” and make it accessible to seasoned quant researchers worldwide.

Our platform leverages cutting-edge AI solutions and allows researchers to produce new strategies at an industry-leading pace. Strategies can rely on our robust HFT capabilities to generate steady and consistent returns.

Our People

We are constantly finding new solutions to quantitative and engineering problems. We enjoy the idea generation process, but our passion is the execution. We are critical thinkers who excel in a competitive environment where our unique solutions are highly rewarded. Learn more about our team

Our Tech

Tech is a part of our name, it is part of our culture and the foundation of our success. We find unique solutions to achieve optimal performance, and ensure the scalability and adaptability of our infrastructure. Technology drives our thoughts which ensures that researchers benefit from the best trading platform in the industry.